This is a message to every admiral, commander, or in short ? Everyone.

The Earth King invited you to Lake Laogai. Just Kidding.

The shipping war should be brought to life again.

Admit mistakes when they occur and seek to restore you honor. Following the quote from the Dragon of the West, your mistake was forgetting about the ultimate shipping war.

We gotta seek to restore our honor, bringing the tournament to life again. We will start a New Era of Love and Peace. And following the Fire lord's quote, you have to make a new era of love and peace, supporting your favorite ship.


An agreement among Fire Lord Bahjy, Earth King Bahjy, Tribal Chief Bahjy, Tribal Chief Bahjy, and the newly made role : Air Pope Bahjy.

that was an idea for a fanon : Air Pope. Now back to work, we really have to wake this up again. Because of your absence (meaning no offense), Zutara lost to what you would not expect... Zutara lost against Ty Lokka in a magnificent 8-6 which went for a week.

Enjoy it again! --Bahjy1 Message Wall Blog 13:44, October 28, 2011 (UTC)

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