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    Hey hey, Avatar Wiki! Today's (or Yesterday's) review is for by legendary author .
    The story itself talks about an amnesiac Earth Kingdom soldier who remembers nothing of his past and knows nothing about himself but that his name is Shenji. He and his friend Kuro adventure through the Earth Kingdom and until now, have a non-stop action going on (not a very good thing for the story, but not so bad).

    Its scores are higher than you may ever expect, not because he's The Bos, and not because of Avatar: Guardian, but the story is just as good :

    • Suspense : 9.6 - Very good, but can use some improvement. Try using cliffhangers more.
    • Action : 9.8 - Well worked on. Much action is added into the story, but even with that, the action scenes are excellently…

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    Hello, Avatar Wiki. This is Bahjy1, Coming to do my first-in-a-while Sunday review, this time reviewing by .

    Love Will Find A Way, is an adventure-romance fanon with lots of action. The fanon itself is much unique, written in a nice way, and enjoys a very skilled author.The story (not looking at writing, suspense, idea, or action) is much good, and it has a perfect number of protagonists and antagonists and a perfect mix of obstacles and assistances. Anyway, the relatively new author still needs some work on suspense.

    At the very start of the story, it is hurried. Well, yes - It is a prologue, But it is still too much hurried. Anyway, the Earth prince, Moku, and his family have a visit from the Northern Water Tribe royal family, Moku falls i…

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    Wake up, Avatar Wiki! This fanon is my best rated so far. There goes the Fanon Cycle, a fanon after another, many are the same, so we can skip some duplicates, but this time, I read a fanon that should not be skipped. by legendary author is not just a story, it is even better than some great real-life stories.

    Energy Saga takes you to a world of creativity with an excellently managed amount of action. My best fanon reviewed so far, Energy Saga is excellent. It talks about life after the war, Aang goes rebuilding the world but he finds energybending curious and finds more about it, and he energybends new Air Nomads. He's facing some troubles, Zuko can't handle the Fire Nation and a civil war goes, some unknown assassins have been attacking…

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    My Inactivity

    December 8, 2011 by Bahjy1

    OK. I admit it.

    I have been inactive for a while so I will now announce my status.

    Until 21 December, I'll be busy with tests. I have a test after a test so frequently. I have a BIG test every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so it a bit hurts.

    My works on the wiki : FRS, BSST Undiscovered Fanon, Anti-vandaism, Working in main namespace articles. My status is as follows :


    I will not do reviews before 21 December. A discussion is going about a new member of the squad, my opinion is that Omashu Rocks can be the man for the job. Anyway, please consider this not as a main, racist vote. This was just my opinion and the big decision goes back to you, BlackMonkey. Consider Millennia's opinion more than mine since I didn't look much into the case. Whe…

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    Fanon Review : Spirit War

    November 20, 2011 by Bahjy1

    Some of you may say I am mad, some may say I am in a bad mood, and some may say I have no heart. To those who say I am honest, thank you. Bahjy1 here, here to review RandomPerson...o 0's fanon Spirit War.

    First off, I want to tell you RandomPerson, you and many others, do not request a review when you have only one chapter. The reviewer never wants to put you down, a review is made to give readers, advice, and encouragement. You can never mix Action, Character Development, and Description perfectly in one, short chapter. Excuse me for any bad scores, it never means offense.

    This story is about a war. Not the war you are all thinking of, it's about a war in the spirit world (look at its name, silly :P). It is too creative to resist reading it. …

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