okay guys.... well this is old news but i rewatched the avatar movie (it was painful but i sat throught it) and i found many things wrong the main thing miss pernounced names like sokka was soekka it really eritated me through the whole movie i was yelling its sokka you idiots!!!, and then iroh normaly pronounced ie-roh it was i-roh or o-roh, lastly aang was pronouned ung really did m.night shomilon ever watch this counldt he corrected the cast!!!(on the names)

okay moving on there was no charater relations, in this movie at all sokka was willing to do anything aang said he liked him from the start. really and plus i had to tell my fam. wat was going on.
Aang (uung) neva went into the avatar state with the fish thing.. and he neva killed zhoa a bunch of waterbenders did and haru, jet, suki, and there is rumors that toph bei fong is not in the next moive.


people who agree with me

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