Hi, everyone! In light of a recent blog, asking what your first avatar episode was and how you got to watching it, I felt this would be good in tandem with it. So, here goes. How did you get to the wiki? Did you create an account immediately after coming here? etc., etc., etc.

Here's my story: This is the first time I've said this publicly, but on Wikipedia, I was not a good user. *Hit's the floor and hides behind a rock, and holds up a shield.* This isn't imparative (sp?) atm, but will be important in the story later. So anyways, I then resorted to...sockpuppetry when I was blocked for vandalism, and created a new clean account. *Goes into hiding again* So, I created an Ozai page, as well as a Korra page, and I needed references for it, and I looked here after stumbling across this site on Yahoo!. After getting the Ozai and Korra refs, I left for a bit. So after I got caught on Wikipedia for being public with being an ex-vandal (I didn't know sockpuppetry was against policy, ppl! that drops one of my charges.  :)) I remembered this place, and went searching for it. I finally found it, created my account, and the rest is history.

So, what's yours? Is it as tragically criminal as mine? :D Gimme ur best shot!

Aangzula 22:55, September 25, 2011 (UTC)

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