So, I'll just keep this brief. I'm not leaving the wiki, at least not yet, but as it stands, personal life and irl stuff simply isn't allowing me to be anything remotely similar to active on this wiki. This kind of saddens me, but at the same time, it kind of doesn't. I've been on here for a year and a half, but as it stands right now, it's not lookin' like I'll make it to my two-year anniversary. Frankly, I've become very bored with this website and I'm tired of the drama it incurs. I've attempted to bring back my interest, because I genuinely do love this place; it's like a second home to me. However, as it stands, in what little free time I do enjoy, I enjoy it more surfing through Facebook, Conservative Wiki, Liberal Wiki, MS Word, playing my video games, watching TV, etc. I doubt that my activity will be anything like it used to be again, and I can't say that I'm honestly making use of my rollback rights. So, either 888 or Lostris, please do revoke those. If I become active again, I'll earn them back. It pains me to do this, it really does, but for a while anyways, I'm leaving the wiki, in essence, maybe popping in once or twice per week. You can still find me on IRC.


Azulazulazula (Life is like a tall cliff...)Naga-chao5 18:54, November 18, 2012 (UTC)

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