OK, I've been reading this fairly new fanon (only four chapters released) called The Darkness Within. (No, I am not reviewing my own fanon. Mine is The Evil Within, not Darkness.). Anyways, basically, it's a story of what happens after the war is over. Toph visits her parents, who still don't accept her. This enrages Toph so greatly that she ends up in a "Dark Avatar State," which ends up in horrible things happening to even her closest friends and allies (even Katara...maybe that's why I love it so much-lol). Well, I can't tell you much more than that without telling the entire story, but I CAN tell you why I love it so much.

This story has such a great plotline to it, already an awesome twist...basically, everything you could want from a fanon. I could blab on and on all day about it, but I've taken the liberty into a report card, showing all of the most important elements of a story.

The score will be on a score from 0 to 100. 100 is the best, 0 means that that element just plain sucks.

Plotline: 97

Clarity of plot: 86

Description of Scenery, etc.: 83

Battle Scene Description: 95

General Writing: 93

Character Portrayal: 65^

Realistic (for Avatar World): 100

Creativity: 100

Script: 100

Keeps you reading: 93

Overall: 91.2 (the average of all the scores).

^I just didn't feel like Toph could ever be that serious. Sorry. The other characters were just like the series, but the main character was kinda skewed, so...

So, anyways, there's my fanon review. Comments about the review, questions about the fanon? Ask me!

If you are the writer of this series or a contributor, please don't be offended by my scores. This is just my general opinion.

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