Hello, my fellow Avatar Wikians! Anybody who watched the series through should vividly remember one part; one horrible part that would change the way I viewed a certain character forever. This character, Azula, took a rather abrupt descent into deep insanity by the end of the series. Now, I want to know what everybody (or everyone who visits here, anyways) thinks of this descent. If you plan on responding, here are a few things to talk about.

  • How you felt about Azula after this descent and, if so, did you like her in a different way, etc.
  • How was her descent portrayed? Did you feel like it was an awesome display of Grey Delisle's voice acting and Bryke's amazing animating skills, or was it a pathetic attempt to show a character become insane?
  • If you could have prevented this, would you have, or did you enjoy the performance and would have protected it by any means neccesary?
  • Did you cry during the descent? Ok, I had to ask, because when I first watched her sanity deteriorate until it was nothing more than a thin and crippled twig, I actually shedded a couple of tears. Maybe I'm alone, but I had to ask...
  • Should Azula's fire have gone from blue to orange, symbolizing her slow and epic demise, or was it just fine the way it was.
  • Did you see this coming BEFORE the Ty Lee/Mai incident (or even after) or was it an absolute shock?
  • Did this make Azula seem like a different character, or was she the same as always?

Feel free to make up your own.thing; these are just suggestions.

Now, my answers:

1) I, personally, loved Azula more, and DEFINITELY saw her in a different light. It was so incredibly epic, yet so sad seeing this horrible and dark(er) side of her. Anyways...

2) It was an amazing compilation of perfect voice acting, flawless animation, and awesome manerisms that led to the most amazing, ugly, and somehow, beautiful, thing I've ever seen.

3) I would have most certainly prevented this from happening. Azula was amazing and incredible and perfect, but now she's been reduced to no more than an insane mental patient who deserves none of what she's getting at that mental facility. I hate it that Bryke would do such a thing to her.

4) Yes.

5) I personally think so. If she was going down, she should have brought everything down with her, including her fire. Well, that brings me to:

6) I kinda saw it coming after "The Beach" when she opened up that tiny, little bit. I knew, but I didn't expect anything this severe. Now...

7) This showed her in a different way completely. Her flawless, perfect demeanor, appearnace...generally, her sanity all faded into the darkness within her. Her old character was consumed by this new abomination. Don't get me wrong, I think the old Azula is still in there, and I still love her, whether she finds that old Azula or if she's never the same again.

Happy editing,

MRtG, the Azula lover.

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