Well, hello. In case any of you care, and I understand if you don't, I'm not going to be active for a little while, or a while maybe. I'm not sure. My user page says 2-4 weeks, give or take some days, but who knows. I may be gone for quite a while. This means that I will be ceasing all editing for a while, so for any who read my fanon, that will not be continued for a while either. I will be back some time, but who knows when. I'm Wikiaddicted, and that is hard to get over. I can only guaruntee that I will in fact be back. I can't guaruntee when. HOWEVER, if you have a message to leave me, I will reply to it eventually, but if it's something with a time deadline or something like that, don't bother. So, so long to all those on Avatar Wiki for now. I'll see you all later.




I'm back. I'm not as Wikiaddicted and am not editing nearly as much. Just when I see a grammatical mistake, etc. Well, long story short, I'm back.

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