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Hello, fellow Wikians! Today, I'm reviewing Avatar Brek By Omashu Rocks.

This story is exactly what it sounds like. The story details the adventures of Brek, the avatar, and his struggles in his duties. Brek is the avatar succeeding Korra, and must learn the four elements, all while contending with peoples' problems with government, including a war between democracy and monarchy and a Fire Nation coup, among other things.

I'll be honest with you; I wasn't too impressed with this fanon, mainly due to the horribly overdone plot: the avatar suceeding Korra. Basically, this fanon is a copy of the original series; Brek is the avatar mastering the four elements, hoping to end/prevent war. The lack of originality is heart-wrenching. Still, I can give OR some credit for his writing skills.


Plot (x4): 3.4 x 4 = 13.6. I said it already; the story details the life of the avatar after Korra, who has to master the elements and blah blah blah. We've all seen this story before. Other events, such as the non-bender hatred practically mirrors the anti-bending revolt, though it is flipped. The events are quite rushed and unclear, as well.

Writing (x4): 7.7 x 4 = 30.8. I'll give OR some credit here; he's a good writer, finding a good line between description and dialogue. The description he gives is amazing, and there's something compelling about it that makes you want to continue reading. So why is the score a 7.7? It's too rushed. The events are horridly underexplored, and somehow TA can be in Gaoling one paragraph, and the next, they're suddenly in BSS. Just a little more expansion would have been nice. Overall, though, the writing is quite good.

Creativity (x3): 3.8 x 3 = 11.6. As I said, same ol' story. For most stories that have been overdone (such as Alone, which I've reviewed), I've been able to give a good score here because it's done in a very unique way. But nope. This is pretty much a combination of ATLA and Korra (moreso the former). Few events surprised me, and everything was fairly predictable.

Action (x2): 9.1 x 2 = 18.2. The action wasn't outstanding, though it was pretty good, and very descriptive. And it was very common, and the occasional fight scene never hurt anybody. The action in Brek was very nicely done.

Character development (x2): 2.6 x 2 = 5.2. Ouch. Please know, I'm not trying to be mean; only honest. The characters barely develop. Like, at all. Brek and Kaeta are pretty much just going through the motions, which is disappointing in a main character. And the villains. . .well, they're villains. The only character who truly develops is Berani, and that seems a bit sudden and depraved.

Realism (x2): 10 x 2 = 20. Everything in Brek was completely realistic; I saw no major problems (although Brek may have communicated with Roku a little too easily), and therefore no reason not to give this category a perfect score.

Engrossment (x2): 6.3 x 2 = 12.6. When I first started reading Brek, it felt like a chore. Every chapter, I was looking at the scrollbar, seeing how long it was. But gradually, it got better, and I got a little more lost in each chapter. Eventually, I began to want to read the next chapters, with a great eagerness; Brek starts off slow, but gradually picks up speed. If you can make it through the first five or six chapters, you'll begin to genuinely enjoy every chapter, from start to finish.

Grammar, spelling, etc. (x1): 9.5 x 1 = 9.5. There was only the very occasional error (not even one per chapter) and the ones I found didn't distract much from reading at all.

Final Score: 97.4/200, simplifies to 4.37/10.

What does Avatar Brek have? Great writing, amazing action, and a very realistic storyline.

What does Avatar Brek lack, and how can Omashu Rocks improve it? Two words: Character. Development. I personally love to see characters grow as they journey through a story; unfortunately, I haven't seen that in Avatar Brek. Your characters have potential, OR. Just make sure they reach it. With all that's happened, thee characters have been through a great deal, yet they've developed little, if any. Throwing in the occasional plot twist wouldn't hurt either. You use foreshadowing, I can tell. But you lay it on too thick. So thick that I can tell what's going to happen four chapters before it happens. Just cool it, an throw in a few things the reader would never see coming.

Is Avatar Brek good, and would I recommend it? No. It has improved, and it could improve more. Avatar Brek isn't terrible. But it's not good either. It's just below average. However, with some work, it could become a good fanon. Not great, as I've stated, the idea is lackluster. But it does have the potential to be a good, and worthwhile fanon.

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