Hello, everybody! Azulazulazula here, signing in to review the incredible A Promise Kept (One-shot) by Firebender896.

A Promise Kept is a one-shot fanon, meant to show the deep bond between Katara and Sokka. Basically, a group of (unnamed) antagonists have waged a week-long battle with Team Avatar and many others. After a week of fighting, many of the soldiers of Team Avatar have been badly wounded, and Katara must stay with them, and tend to their wounds. Meanwhile, three fighters remain on the battlefield: Aang (who is in the Avatar State), Sokka, and Toph. And soon, the battle gets way out of hand. . .

You may have noticed that in my introduction, I referred to the story as "incredible". And it is. But I don't think incredible quite describes the level of awesomeness Firebender reaches in this fanon. I'm not a big one-shot reader, so I can't compare this to other one-shots. However, I can compare it to other fanons. And this is, in fact, one of my favorites.


Plot (x4): 8.6 x 4 = 34.4. All in all, the idea of the story is extremely intriguing, as well as compelling story. However, at times, who exactly the opposers of Team Avatar were was quite unclear, and I would have liked a little bit more elaboration there. Another big hole that I found was that it was never revealed what the battle was about, which was quite a distraction. When you get down to it, though, the plot itself is magnificent, and the execution does not disappoint.

Writing (x4): 10 x 4 = 40. Usually, in this area, I find something to be nitpicky about that detracts the slightest bit. But no. I'm never one to call something absolutely perfect, so when I say it, I mean it: Firebender's writing (in this story, anyways) is perfect, flawless, and utterly jaw-dropping in every way imaginable. Amazing description, great speed, incredibly transitions. . .A Promise Kept's got it all.

Creativity (x3): 10 x 3 = 30. Again, tried to find a reason not to give this a perfect score, but again, nothing came to mind. Everything here was completely unique, and plot twists and interesting decisions cap it all off nicely.

Action (x2): 9.7 x 2 = 19.4. I think this kinda goes along the lines of writing skill; the description, the slightly explicit violence, and the appropriate amount of gore all are breath-taking. My only note is that, at times, it was a bit unclear who was doing this or that; at a couple of spots, I thought Aang was doing something when I came to realize that it was Sokka. Otherwise, this category doesn't disappoint, in any way, shape, or form.

Character portrayal (x2): 10 x 2 = 20. And once more, I try to find something so that I don't end up giving out three extraordinary score, but fail miserably. This is a one-shot about some characters in Team Avatar, so character development isn't exactly, probable, or even possible. But personality-wise, characters are dead on.

Realism (x2): 10 x 2 = 20. . . .Do I really need to say it? There is nothing negative I can say here; it was so realistic that it could have very well been a real Avatar episode.

Engrossment (x2): 10 x 2 = 20. Am I being lenient in doing this? . . .Nah. It's all well-deserved. Anyways, yeah. It was as if I was there every single second, my mouth dropped, eager to see what the next word had in store. Each and every sentence immersed me, from the very beginning to the very end. And at the end, I cried a little bit. . .Don't ask why.

Grammar, Spelling, etc.: 10 x 1 = 10. Perhaps this can be blamed on the fact that this was a one-shot, but there was not one grammar/spelling mistake (or at least one that I saw). At all.

--Final Score--: 193.8/200, simplifies to 9.69/10.

What does A Promise Kept have? Oy. . .actually, everything. Need I go through the list? Ok, I will. A great plot, superior writing, an extremely creative plot, phenomenal action, spot-on characters, an extremely realistic plot, that ability to suck you in, and everything is free of errors in English.

What does A Promise Kept lack, and how can Firebender896 improve it? Um, I'm not sure. There were no major problems, except for that lack of a clear antagonist/reason for the battle. But, then again, it's a one-shot, so. . .there's nothing really that I can give you for future reference. Sorry. :P

Is A Promise Kept good, and would I recommend it? Of course not! XD Just kidding. Really, it's unbelievable; and if I didn't recommend it, someone should smack me, kick me, and kill me. Because this thing is absolutely amazing.

Bye, and thanks for reading!

Firelordazula signatureAzula sprite23TeeAzula Sprite 04:17, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

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