Hello, fellow Avatar Wikians! Today, I am reviewing Sons and Daughters by Mageddon725.

First off, sorry this review is late. I was ready to give the review around 11:00 last night, but my parents had me do stuff, and by the time I was done, I was watching Korra, and well. . .yeah. Didn't get around to it last night. So, sorry about that. Hope this isn't too much of a problem.  :)

Anyways, this story is a spin-off of another one of Mageddon's series, Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth, which, as I understand it, was wildly popular. I read AaBE at one point, and as I recall, it was spectacular; however, I remember very little about the plot, so forgive me if my view of the plot is a bit skewed.

So, onto the plotline. As I stated, this series is a sequel to AaBE, basically detailing the life of the next generation of the story. The fanon details Tenzin's life as a teenager, in which he travels to Republic City with some of his friends, including Zuko's children - Lu Ten and Fiora, Toph's daughter, Chikyuu, Sokka and Suki's daughter, Kyani, Ty Lee and Yun Zhen's child, Sanaki, and last but not least, Tenzin's sibling, Sora, the waterbender.

Of course, that's a lot of protagonists, and I have trouble keeping track of all of them (most commonly confusing Sora with Sanaki). However, Mageddon does a good job with all of them and their personalities. Otherwise, the story also focuses on Tenzin's life as a Pro-bender in the city, along with Sanaki and Chikyuu. The group must also make some important decisions pertaining to the Equalist revolt, including an all-too-familiar new character.


Plot (x4): 8.7 x 4 = 34.8. The plot is actually pretty good, and unique. Although many fanons detail the life of Tenzin, I've never seen one quite so unique. I also love spin-off series, and a spin-off to such a successful one is quite nice to see. So why did I not give Mage a perfect 10? The plot was a bit jumbled. It seems as though each chapter details a new adventure in Republic City. Of course, this makes it somewhat more realistic, but also a bit more confusing. Overall, however, Mage has a great plot going.

Writing (x4): 9.3 x 4 = 37.2. Mage is a brilliant writer, and I admire him greatly. His amzing timing, his ability to create a clear picture, and his smooth, completely believable dialogue make for a great writer. The only problem I found was that sometimes the description overpowered the dialogue, and vice versa. In other words, I like to see a great balance between description and dialogue. However, I oftentimes found too much dialogue and too little description, or too much description and too little dialogue.

Creativity (x3): 6.5 x 3 = 19.5. Like I said, so many fanons talk about Tenzin and all that pre-LOK type of thing. I can't give an extremely high score here, simply because of the lack of a unique general plot. However, the fanon is still quite creative, with Mage taking the story in a pretty new direction.

Action (x2): 6.6 x 2 = 13.2. The action isn't brilliant; description of it was somewhat unclear, though still pretty decent. And there wasn't much action to judge from; sure, there was some action every so often, but it didn't happen as often as it could have.

Character development (x2): 9.7 x 2 = 19.4. Pardon me while I fangasm. ABSOFRIGGINLUTELYBRILLIANT. Ok, I'm good. Seriously, though, the character development/portrayal/individuality in S&D was unlike anything I've seen before. The only character that truly lacked any sort of substance was Fiora, who still had a clear-cut personality. In general, almost perfect.

Realism (x2): 9.8 x 2 = 19.6. Everything seemed pretty believable. Not very rushed, not too slow, and the dialogue sounded like something a real being would say. When I was reading the recruitments of various characters, however, I felt as though the parents gave in a tad too easily. But otherwise, everything gets a very high score in this category.

Engrossment (x2): 4.4 x 2 = 8.8. I never truly felt sucked into the story. While in some newer chapters (and the first ones), I was quite interested and genuinely enjoying it, the intermediate chapters lagged in this category. Often, it felt like "Ugh. . ." when moving on, just dragging along.

Grammar, spelling, etc. (x1): 9.6 x 1 = 9.6. At most, there was one small mistake per chapter. Nothing was major enough to distract me, however.

Final Score: 162.1/200, simplifies to 8.105/10.

What does Sons and Daughters have? A very realistic plot, great writing, and character development off the scale.

What does Sons and Daughters lack, and how can Mage improve it? Really, the only thing the writer could fix this far along is the action. A bit more wouldn't hurt. Of course, I mentioned engrossment and creativity, but the former is something you can't really chaange, and the latter is something that just has to do with the general plot. Nothing else that Mage can really fix.

Is Sons and Daughters good, and would I recommend it? Yes. Definitely.

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