For most people who know me, this review won't come as a surprise. Azulazulazula here, signing in to review Millennia2's Alone.

OK, for the record, I just spent half an hour reviewing this, and my computer went ballistic, so this is my second time reviewing this. I apologize if it's not as good as it could be.

Anyways, this story is a "Avatar elements brought into the real world" type fanon. The story details Leah Sanchez, the current Avatar on our modern Earth. I've promised not to give any spoilers, but considering this is posted on the main page, I think I'm OK. Leah is eventually abducted by the BDA (Bending Defense Agency) and taken to a prison made of glass. As she continues to practice her abilities, she begins to survey her options of escape.

Alone is a masterpiece, and I adore it. That's all I can say about it without getting into specifics.


Plot (x4): 9.4 x 4 = 37.6. We've seen many real-world Avatar stories before, which is really the only reason why this isn't a 10. M2 takes the real-world story to a whole new level, with countless plot twists, turns, and earth-shattering surprises. The events that take place are extremely suspenseful, as well.

General Writing (x4): 9.7 x 4 = 38.8. M2 is one of the best authors I've ever seen. He has the power to control your emotions at will, just as the avatar bends the very elements. His descriptive, almost poetic style makes for an incredible writer. Only real problem was that the first few chapters were somewhat rushed (though this isn't an issue at all, anymore).

Creativity (x3): 8.8 x 3 = 26.4. Pretty much everything I said for plot. The idea itself, bringing things from Avatar into the real world is done to death. But Millennia does it in a profound, unique, amazing way.

Action (x2): 10 x 2 = 20. The action is what defines Alone, imo. THIS is how Millennia can pull at your heart strings. Honestly, there aren't many battle scenes in much of the story (though they do increase in more recent chapters). However, there are many training scenes, where there is a lot of well-described action. The real deal, what makes Alone what is is, however, comes in those infrequent battle scenes. Every hit, every deflection, every drop of blood is thoroughly explored in a manner so beautiful I could cry (and I have).

Character Development: 9.5 x 2 = 19. OK, here's the deal: every single character, even the plot devices, have background and develop a little bit. Each character we meet has some huge relation to the overarching plot that defines their very being. Character development is especially prominent in Leah, Sierra, and Kumara. The only thing that could be improved is the speed at which it happens. Sometimes, development can be rushed through.

Realism (x2): 7.5 x 2 = 15. The only true element of Alone I found to be average. In more recent chapters, this has become much less of an issue. However, I feel that sometimes main characters (particularly Leah) figure things out a bit too fast. And in the first chapter, the nurse just takes Leah in upon her very birth; this just doesn't happen. Otherwise, this has improved to an acceptable level.

Engrossment (x2): 9.2 x 2 = 18.4. Every chapter had my mouth dropping until the very last word...for the most part. To be honest, the first five chapters were quite unexciting. But chapter six is the beginning of a skyward ascension that still has yet to stop. Every time I read a single word of Alone, that's all that's going on in that moment. It's incredible.

Grammar, spelling, etc. (x1): 5.8 x 1 = 5.8. This is the only thing that ever pulled me out of a chapter. There are about 3 - 5 mistakes per chapter, and every time I see "its" replaced with "it's", I completely stop, and I return to reality. And it takes a long time to get back into that state of immersion mid-chapter.

Overall: 173/200, averages to 8.65/10.

What Alone's got. Almost everything. Splendid plot, writing, and outstanding action all pull you far into the chapter. Don't chaange anything but what I say below.

What Alone could improve on Wow. I'm giving M2 advice...feels kinda weird. Oh well... Anyways, I know that I gave you a lower score on realism; don't mind that. It's been improving drastically. Just keep doin' what you're doin'. But make sure you review every single chapter for grammar mistakes/typos/spelling errors. And if you already do, double check it. And if you already do, triple check it. I can't stress how important those mistakes can be. Do your absolute best to avoid them. Of course, you can't avoid all mistakes; sometimes things just happen. But if you can, AVOID THEM.

Do I like Alone, and would I reccomend it? Ok, my second time typing this answer...let's hope I don't accidentally wipe this entire review out again... Anyways, absolutely. I adore it. And I already reccomend it to people. And I reccomend it to whoever's reading this review. If you don't read it, you're missing out. Big time.

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