OK, I tried to submit it earlier, but stupid Internet Explorer crashed and I had to redo this. Anyways, as I was saying, I love this show, and as a result, I worship the creators. However, this show's timeline is so bad that sometimes I have problems stomaching watching the show. It's so annoying! Azulon ruled for 23 years (I know it was corrected, but that always eats away at me), Kyoshi lived to be 230 (even as the avatar, that's impossible), and, as Olorin the White pointed out, Ursa should be like 75 years old! I hope we don't have these problems in LOK, so somebody over there needs to catch these things. Either they pay NO attention to the timeline, or somebody over there (no offense to Bryan and Mike) needs a math tutor. Ok, that's all. Later!

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