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    If Zutara Happened

    July 29, 2012 by Azulasbff

    Me and my friend were watching "The Crossroads of Destiny" a few months back when we had a little conversation.

    Her: Wouldn't Zuko and Katara be cute together?


    Her: Yes they would....Katara is so sweet she will help him deal with all of his emotional problems and they're opposites and opposites make the cutest couples, right?


    Her: Whatever. *starts blinking rapidly as her transformation into a shipper begins* [The last part may or may not have happened]

    I got involved in the Avatar community pretty late, so I never realized that my friend's minor comment alluded to one of the most popular ships of all time (ALL TIME! Kanye style...): Zutara. Someone please explain to me why so many fans love Zutara because I didn't when…

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