i am the the original creator of this

TO ALL AZULA FANS: The call to action is NOW!

This is operation “Dear Azula”

HOW: We will send them to Mike, Bryan and Gene. Since Mike and Bryan closed the snail mail, some people believed that Bryke shunned the fandom. But with the opening of Bryan's Tumblr account, we have a chance. I suggest everyone should write notes to Bryan with your letters directed to Azula. If enough fans do this, Bryan will listen. As for Gene, he has a "Contact us" thing on his website. Use that to send e-mails to Gene with your letters.

WHEN: Now until Bryan says something

WHY: Azula has a large and loyal following and for three years we fans have prayed that she would be able to get over her nervous breakdown and be out of the asylum as quickly as possible. The news that she would appear in “the promise” and that she got to keep her firebending sparked a bit of hope within the entire fan community.

But that is not enough

In the interview with avatar wikia it was said, “Gene Yang agrees with the rest of the Avatar community that Azula is a layered and fascinating character. He couldn’t tell us much about of the princess but she will definitely show up in The Promise, which discusses her being put away in the insane asylum.”

The phrase “discusses her being put away in the insane asylum.” indicates that she may still be there and we hope that is not the case. Gene he also stated that while Aang’s and Katara’s destiny’s may have already been decided but everybody else’s is still up in is the air. The promise is not yet completed yet nor is Korra, both scripts are still being finalized.

Azula's "fate" has NOT yet been sealed

we feel that Azula is a sympathetic character, Whether or not she is a hero, villain or antihero, Azula was, in the end, just a child looking for acceptance and love. Azula kept herself hidden behind the mask that she showed to everyone but us. Azula was developed into something extraordinary and memorable. but closure was not allowed for her story and we the fans feel emotionally unfulfilled and confused by this. was she so unimportant that she wasn't even to be mentioned after her defeat, when even Ozai got a prison cell visit? Simply put, no one cared and we believe that her ending was both unfair to her and to us.

WHO: ALL AZULA FANS SHOULD PARTICIPATE! IF THEY believe in Azula's character! IF THEY believe in Redemption! We are targeting Bryke and Gene Luen Yang who is doing "The Promise".

WHAT: We're writing letters TO Azula herself and sending them to Bryke and Gene Luen Yang (who are working on "The Promise")

Send it as yourself or send it as a character you created

All we are requesting is that we let our feelings be known

WHERE: send them to and

spread the word~ :)

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