• Azulas knight

    i am the the original creator of this

    TO ALL AZULA FANS: The call to action is NOW!

    This is operation “Dear Azula”

    HOW: We will send them to Mike, Bryan and Gene. Since Mike and Bryan closed the snail mail, some people believed that Bryke shunned the fandom. But with the opening of Bryan's Tumblr account, we have a chance. I suggest everyone should write notes to Bryan with your letters directed to Azula. If enough fans do this, Bryan will listen. As for Gene, he has a "Contact us" thing on his website. Use that to send e-mails to Gene with your letters.

    WHEN: Now until Bryan says something

    WHY: Azula has a large and loyal following and for three years we fans have prayed that she would be able to get over her nervous breakdown and be out of t…

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