Welcome to the Avatar Roleplay Wiki

Hello and welcome to my blog. I come representing the Avatar Roleplay Wiki, We are recent affiliates of the this wiki and are about to officially launch and just wanted to invite any and all Avatar fans to join us. Just a little bit to give you the idea of what our wiki is all about, here's an excerpt from out main page to wet your appetite:

"Welcome to the Avatar Roleplay Wiki. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be in the Avatar world, to be a bender? Well, here, that is what we specialize in. On this wiki, you can bring those ideas to life. We've taken the world of Avatar, based about one hundred and seventy years in the future from the time of Avatar Korra, and brought you to Republic City.

Over the the years, the city has been through many stages, both good and bad. Following the life of Avatar Korra, the city had flourished and grown to its peak. However, many years later, the city became enveloped in the Rebellion. Due to the misguided ideals of a young Avatar, Republic City was once again forced to fight against itself. This time, however, it was the benders who rebelled. Technology had become a problem. At one time it allowed a balance between benders and non-benders but it had begun to give the non-benders the upper hand. With their pride broken and the preaching of the imbalance of the spiritual world by the Avatar, the benders revolted against the industries in the city. For over forty years, this sort of civil war waged on. Many died in the struggles for power and many more fled the city for fear of death. Most had thought they were abandoned until one day another Avatar came to the city, two cycles after the one who had started the Rebellion. Many feared he would take the stance of his predecessor. However, he ended the Rebellion and brought peace to the city again, but he could not stop there. The city was in shambles and more than half its peak population was gone. If nothing were to be done, the city would stagnate and eventually die off. The Avatar was not going to let this happen. He began to construct a plan. After forming a new government to replace the one that crumbled in the Rebellion, he initiated the Citizenship Project. This project was designed to bring in new immigrants to the city from all over the world.

The choice is yours. The city needs your help. New citizens are needed and we look to you to join the city. Will you?"

Well, there you have it. That is our wiki in a nutshell. It's all about coming together and forming your own story in the Avatar world with other users. The possibilities are endless and it's all on you and others to make your own story. I hope to see you there and thanks for reading.

Azrael the Sorrowful

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