Azrael the Sorrowful

aka Aaron Jones

  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is Amateur Game Designer
  • I am Male
  • Azrael the Sorrowful

    Hello and welcome to my blog. I come representing the Avatar Roleplay Wiki, We are recent affiliates of the this wiki and are about to officially launch and just wanted to invite any and all Avatar fans to join us. Just a little bit to give you the idea of what our wiki is all about, here's an excerpt from out main page to wet your appetite:

    "Welcome to the Avatar Roleplay Wiki. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be in the Avatar world, to be a bender? Well, here, that is what we specialize in. On this wiki, you can bring those ideas to life. We've taken the world of Avatar, based about one hundred and seventy years in the future from the time of Avatar Korra, and brought you to Republic City.

    Over the the…

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  • Azrael the Sorrowful

    Avatar RP wiki

    September 28, 2013 by Azrael the Sorrowful

    I mentioned this to a few of the staff here but I've gotten little to no response from them so I decided to make a blog about it. Anyway, a couple of friends of mine and I were talking about how there wasn't a Avatar themed role playing wiki or at least one that was still alive, as all the ones we searched for were completely dead. As such, we decided to make our own. When looking at the other wikis, we all commented on how we could make a better one and ended up deciding on doing so. So far, we've completed a good amount of the wiki's structure and now only need more users. We've got about ten or so now but we're hoping to expand. If you're interested, feel free to check us out here: If…

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