Hey guys. I'm here to talk about the possibilty that there will be war against the Northern and Southern Water Tribes in Book 2 of Legend of Korra.

Under Tonraq's description, it's stated that when fate takes its toll, he's forced against his brother. And it's important to note that he's brutal and hotheaded, much like his daughter and main protagonist of Legend of Korra, and that he resides in the Southern Water Tribe. Now, Unalaq on the other hand, is a elite bender, spiritual master, fundamentalist, and leader of the Northern Water Tribe. Despite their brotherhood, their differences could tear them apart but to the point of war?

The fact that Tonraq, Korra's father, leads his people against his brother, the chief of the Northern Water Tribe, Unalaq, (Korra's spiritual mentor), could very well turn into a Water Tribe War. It's clear that the Northern Water Tribe defends its leader, whereas the Southern Water Tribe protects the people. If Tonrag and Unalaq get support from their tribes, this brotherly conflict can escalate into a war while Korra is busy fending off another issue: escaped spirits of a sort. Now what could cause this war is obviously speculation at this point, but we can figure out a few things. Tonraq takes a more physical approach to things, while Unalaq has a spiritual perspective and he believes in the "old ways." It wouldn't be surpising if Tonraq, who, let's not forget, was originally in line to be the Northern Chieftain, disagrees with how Unalaq is running the Northern Tribe, and he thought that their brotherhood would cause the two minds to think alike. Tonraq is upset that Unalaq is leading the Northern Tribe like the "old ways." And to settle the disagreement, the two brothers go to battle for the power of control, which wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened: one sibling over-riding another sibling for power.

Now how would that war turn out, no clue. Maybe they have a waterbending agni kai or something like that, but it's hard to tell with us being accustomed to the Fire Nation against the world, rather than two tribes fighting. Maybe the Earth Kingdom may support one tribe, and the Fire Nation may support the other. Maybe their won't be war at all, just a like a duel. It'll be interesting though, yeh I suppose.


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