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Week FIIIIIVVVE of the Pro-Bending Challenge!

What's up beautiful folks! It's your temporary host, AvengeBender007, bringing YOU the PRO-BENDING CHALLENGE: WEEK 5, I believe, or is it Week 6. Huh... Moving on! *Brought to you by the Pro-Bending League!

We got some good questions this week, that'll make you delve deep into certain ATLA and LOK episodes. No cheating, no swearing, none of that hoodlum-buisness. We've been having great turn-outs lately, so make sure you tell your pals about this so we can double the goodness!

There are 10 questions this week, all of which must be answered correctly to earn this userbox.

This user scored 100% on the Pro-Bending Challenge.

The rules are simple, just post all 10 of you answers as comment below. You must have all 10 answers to qualify as a participant. We will stop taking answers next week. Members of the League will then compile the answers and see who recieved a 100%. Any user who achieves 100% will receive a message on their wall with the code to add our wonderful userbox to their page. Disclaimer “If you are caught editing you answers you will disqualified from that particular week’s quiz. If you are caught a second time you will be banned from particpating in a Pro-Bending Challenge for 2 weeks."



1. According to his map, how many times did Professor Zei venture into the desert to find Wan Shi Tong's libary?

2. What is the relationship between Asami Sato's voice actor and the person who portrays Yue in the live-action film? (Trick Question)

3. In the last episode of season 1 of LOK, Endgame, how many rocks does Bolin fire at Mr. Sato while on Naga. (Hint: Only counting the one where Bolin yells: Mr. Sato! You are the worst father ever! - No additional rocks)

4. How many clips clasp the front of Bosco's shirt together?

5. When the Dai Li brought down a portion of the Great Wall, how many fragmented sections fell to the ground?

6. What is the order Aang bent the elements into his floating orb to fight Ozai?

7. What is the proper term for the districts Republic City is divided into?

8. How many weapons does Sokka try out in the shop (S03E04) before finding the royal sword and learning about Piando?

9. How many windows are on the facade of the tallest structure at Gaipan?

10. How many arched bridges are in Republic City?

BONUS - EXTREME DIFFICULTY - What is the slogan for the popular product, cactus juice?

BONUS - HARDCORE DIFFICULTY - Tell 2 of your friends about this week's challenge!



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