I'd say "Sad news, Wikians", but considering that that's all we've gotten so far about Book 2, I'll just stick to what I have to say.

Back ago, April Stewart said that we should be pumped up for April 2013. Again, a couple weeks ago, April said that we should STILL get excited for April 2013. But yesterday, April Stewart tweeted that the article she had read actually stated that Book 1 would premiere in April, and Ms. Stewart thought that it was Book 2. The conversation ended with April saying that she knows nothing and sometimes reads things incorrectly. Gutted, yet again.

Full shtuff here:

Bryke has released some storyboards along the way on Korra Nation, along with Book 1 DVD/Blu-ray info, but nada about Book 2 details.

Now, let's step back and compare the Book gaps between Korra and ATLA. ATLA Book 2 came out 3 months after the end of Book 1, while Book 3 came out nine months after Book 2. And we all know, there was a long hiatus between episodes 10 and 11 of Book 3.

But, should we be annoyed by the long time Bryke is taking? The fact that they're still clocking hours on Book 2 means that they're ultimately spending more grinding work on it, perfecting it to levels where ATLA never mounted. But still, if Bryke posts one more dumb thing on Korra Nation, I will die of fanboy obsessions. 

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