As we speak, sound effects are currently being implemented into the animation sequences for Book 2. This is known as the SPOTTING SESSION. 

Let's discuss a spotting session. So, Bryke meets with the musical minds (Track Team) and they watch the show and talk about what music overall is good for Korra. Like a main theme. Then, they go scene-by-scene and see which music fits that part. Here's the catch: the composer usually watches the final cut of animation in order to understand what music should be implemented. I say usually for a reason. Sometimes, a rough cut of the animation is shown if a final cut is unavailable. 

If a final cut of each episode is being shown during these spotting session, that means Book 2 is close. If a rough cut is being shown, we have even more ways to go. That could suggest that color correction isn't even done. FOSURE though, we know that Bryke is working on the finite details of Book 2, the top priorty things like music. Book 2 can either, at this point, premiere in Summer, or in the Fall. Who knows?

This discussion isn't over. Updates along the way will be coming, I am sure.

Wikians, we have been traveling a long dark road for many months now, and along the way, there has been a couple torches here and there to light the way, but this time around, there's light coming from the end of the cave. Just a shimmer, but it's something. - something Iroh would say.


UPDATE: I thought it'd be appropiate to consider a timeframe, since people in the comments are suggesting that Book 2 wiill come out in September, or December, or summer, etc. We initially believed that April was the month, but we haven't gotten a trailer yet, so it's safe to say we won't be getting it this month. There's two solid guesses: summer, and fall. If it were to premiere in Summer, it'd be late Summer, most like August-time. It is probably Fall, though, since we haven't gotten much advertising of Book 2 yet. If it's in Fall, we'll start getting trailers, ads on Nick, re-runs of Book 1, etc. AH YES, COMIC CON 2013. There, we could get a release date AND trailer, so it's a win-win. Fall is ideal, but again, we don't know for sure. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, if you want.

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