More good news fellas, but not for Book 2? Quite possiby, Book 3 and Book 4.

Back in October, Asami's voice actor Sychelle Gabriel tweeted that, essentially, voice acting for Book 3 was beginning. That was back in October. They've had a solid seven months to work on voice acting, but we can't know for sure that voice acting for Book 3 is done, since they're not allowed to really tweet this sort of thing. 

Today, both Azula and Korra's voice actors tweeted that they're working on voice acting. So it could be safe to say that Book 3 is done (script/voice acting wise) and Book 4 could well be underway soon, which most likely means will be getting Books 3 and 4 sooner than we've had to wait for Book 2. 

Either way, it's been a pretty jolly week in terms of news.

I'll keep you guys updated on THIS blog. <- check that out for the full scoop of awesome Korra news.

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