After a two week break, The Legend of Korra returns this Friday with a one hour special and two new episodes - "In Harm's Way" and "The Metal Clan", both sounding very promising. Thus, Nick has debuted a new commercial/ trailer for the two episodes that can be viewed at the link below, depicting Zuko's dragon landing in the tundra, Korra inquiring about what to do, and Mako and Boilin engaging in a heated battle with unkown enemies. However, the commercial sports a bit of controversy as it is shown opening up to the words "Can't see online... Anywhere else". 

To those who may or may not know, Nickelodeon recently removed The Legend of Korra from iTunes and Hulu, as well as failing to post the recently aired episodes on the official Nick website. This plan of preventing fans to watch Legend of Korra online seems to be part of a marketing idea to force fans into watching it on television to regain ratings and views to make up for the leaked episodes fiasco. While it is obvious that the plan will mostly likely backfire and result in an increased number of fans resorting to illegal streaming websites to get their LOK fix, it is also quite dissapointing for big LOK fans such as myself who are not available to watch on Fridays and rely on the official website to watch new websites.

Nonetheless, "In Harm's Way" debuts this Friday at 8pm/7c on Nick, along with the fifth episode right afterwards.  

Original Link with commercial:

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