The same iPhone app that gave us information on new characters weeks ago suggested that LOK Book 2 was airing Setember 7th. However that app's reliability was unknown at the time. But hey, it was still something. Then, an online TV guide known as TV Calendar said the same thing: Book 2 is coming down September 7th. This is just the beginning though, my friends. 

An Austrailian TV Guide network has Book 2 listed for a September 7th release date and another iPhone app has also marked down September 7th for Book 2's released date. Still not done though, yet. Another iPhone app known somewhere along the lines as RENEWED has listed all the Book 1 release dates, and has listed Rebel Spirits for September 7th. So those are a couple sources that have said September 7th is the glorious day we've been waiting for quite a while. 

Now, Nickalodeon tweeted we'd be getting something around this time (they said in a little over a week a little over a week ago), and it's just come to my attention that on 7pm Thursday night, The Last Airbender will be airing on This could be a great time to reveal Book 2's release date, right after a movie made on the original series is played. Of course, we'd have to rummage through the whole cringe-worthy movie, if you can even call it that, but it'd be worth it.

If it were to be September 7th though, we'd have 3 weeks go. After a year and a half nearly of waiting, 3 weeks to go.

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