What's up beautiful folks!

It's Avenge here, bringing you some interesting news that'll please everybody. On Friday - 9/24 - Bryke released Amon propaganda print, exclusively for Korra Nation followers. The print looks awesome but there's more goodness. Entering in the code -LOKTUM1 - when purchasing will get you a 15% discount. Niiiice stuff! THAT'S 15 PERCENT OFF! BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Nah, I'm kidding, I just love saying that. But here's some more info.

Quoting Bryan on his Tumblr: " I just finished up a propaganda banner of Amon. I love making graphic pieces of the show. I'm just too sloooow."

Some of you may say - SURPRISE SURPRISE - but I'm glad that he's slow. He can perfect every single detail producing work higher up a notch than that of ATLA. Season 1 of LOK - and I'm talking animation here, not Mako - looked great! So get your goodstuff here: - or, alternatively, go to, find "Shop" or type it in the -search- bar, and find Legend of Korra cat.

Everything sounds great. Go get your LOK fix while we wait for Season 2. Enjoy.

PS - There's only a limited amount of prints. Get it now before it runs out! There's only a few left...

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