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Janet Varney tweets again - Book 2 Misinformation Alert!

What up beautiful folks. Many of us were pumped when Janet Varney tweeted that Book 2 was apparently coming out in April 2013, and despite the suspicions caused by the lack of a trailer and Bryke still being on color-correction, we were all in frenzy-mode.

Unfortunately, Janet tweeted again, saying that she'd sparked a misinformation alert, that the release date had not been announced, and that we should all wait until Nickolodeon officially gives us a date.

Full info here:

We've gotten an update on Korra Nation, where another color-correction piece has been uploaded depicting Bolin and one of the royal Twins in a snowy environment. So, where exactly are we?

Back in September, April Stewart said that April 2013 would be an exciting month for Korra fans. I'm now assuming we'll get a trailer this month, rather than Season 2 itself. We'll see.

Still. Gutted.

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