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  • Avemist

    Energybending(EB) is the manipulation/bending of the life energy inside, and outside, ones self. It can be used to give/take away bending from a certain individual, as well as transfer knowledge from one sentient being to another.

    Although powerful EB is not the only way to achieve some of these powers. Blood bending has also been shown as means of removing someone's bending.

    But, what else could be done? These three things are not the only things you can do with EB? Lets see what else you could do while wielding energy.

    Ok, mabey superhero is the wrong choice of words but, if EB is controling life energy then could you focus it into a single part of your body? Think about it, if you could focus energy into, say your fist, you could punch a w…

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  • Avemist

    As is stated by the last Lion Turtle, Energybending(Eb for short) is the art of controlling the energy or chi in one's self. Also the idea of "energy" is shown to mean any form of energy, for example the Lion Turtle passes knowledge to Aang through energybending.

    When Aang took Fire Lord Ozai's bending away, he, Aang, had control over Ozai's chi and then proceded to take away his bending. From this we can deduce two things, one energybending is not limited to energy/chi in the bendinr in question. Secondly, all bending is realated to energy in someway, some more than others.

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