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Yakone - Tarrlok = Related????

Well recently while watching episode 8 I came to a startling conclusion. I believe that yakone was Tarrlok's dad. Though some of you might of already seen a post of this already I think I came up with the idea first. I came up this idea and then posted it as an "anoynymous comment" on another blogpost about Tarrlok being like a Palpatine. Okay since Korra's hallucination of this man in the councilroom is being "trialed" the man bloodbends Sokka, soon then Toph, and I believe Aang. The thing is that it wasn't even a full moon and that his hands were tied I believe. Since he is a bloodbender threfore a waterbender and bears some visual resemblance to Tarrlok, I believe there are related. Also since seen in past hallucinations this man has appeared many times and seen as Aang's enemy I come to the probability that this man is Yakone.

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