So, I don't know if any one who does not know how will see this, but I figured I would post it any who!

[ [What you want to link to|< font color="The color you want">The writing you want</font>] ] Below is the L in my signature.

[ [User:Avatarloki|< font color="Black">L</font>] ]

You can link to anything, just look at the very end of the URL and copy it ( The bold is where you need to look.

Ok, and for pictures:

You write [ [File:The Name of the Picture you want|the size you want it] ]

This is the HTML for my signature:

[ [User:Avatarloki|< font color="Black">L</font>] ][ [User_talk:Avatarloki|< font color="Red">o</font>] ][ [User_blog:Avatarloki|< font color="Black">K</font>] ] [ [Fanon:神屏气 - Total Control|< font color="Goldenrod">i</font>] ] [ [File:Korra First Look.png|45px] ]

Now just do everything with out the spaces between [[ and |<font. If you leave those spaces, it will not work.

For help with colors, go here. If you need any help from me, or if you want me to make one for you, let me know! Leave me a message here or click the "o" in my name,

LoKi 14:25, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

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