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LoK Book Air vs ATLA Book Water

Because comparing a series of 60 episodes from a series of 12 episodes just is not right that seems to compare only the first seasons of each series?

important points here: 

Deus ex Machina: 

LoK: Korra airbend in 1 second, Aang returns his bending

ATLA: Koizilla, Yue revives the spirit of the moon

romantic relationships:

LoK: Mako and Korra:FAIL, Mako and Asami: FAAIILL

ATLA: Sokka and Yue: FAIL(fall in love in ONE episode)


ATLA: Aang: learn Waterbending in several episodes

Katara: learn Waterbending

LoK: Korra: learn Airbending in one second(because of the power of love)



Aang off a volcano, deafeat a Fire Nation Army(with koi)

Katara maaintains a fight with a professional Waterbender

Zuko defeat a commander


Korra: Defeat Amon(with Mako)

General Iroh: defeat a group of ecualist biplanes

Asami: Defeats his Father

ADD MORE THING LATER and sorry for my bad english

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