Guys i am here to talk about, ENERGY BENDING.ENERGY BENDING is a very unique ability to bend one's energy or otherwise in a way weilder perfers. However there is one dire consequences, if the weilder of energy bending isn't perfromed properly it can destroy him/her.(mentally or physically or both).So this technique can be risky for those who are faint hearted. The weilder's engery must be unbendable in order to bend other's energy, this mean the weilder must not be influenced by the others in terms anything, bascially saying that energy bender must have clear conscience, standpoint , confident and calm, e.g being buddhist, buddha is a very good example, though there were many sufferings that could have troubled him, but they didn't. This is because he knew why those events happen, e.g desires create suffereings.When a robber tried to rob and kill Buddha, Buddha clamly and gently ask them why they are such thing and ask them what's troubling them.Seeing such action the robber told Buddha his reason.Buddha forgave the robber for his doings, accepting him when other people feared him, seeing such acceptance the robbers changed his ways and followed Buddha.This shows a very good example of energybending. no matter what dire situation Buddha was in( even when his life was at risk), he managed change the robber ways in a systematic way.

Guys,though I don't have clear understanding of energy bending, I am trying my best to understand and explain it to you guys. I hope you guys can forgive me if i gave any misconceptions.Thank You!

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