• Avatarkorra122


    June 28, 2012 by Avatarkorra122

    Guys i am here to talk about, ENERGY BENDING.ENERGY BENDING is a very unique ability to bend one's energy or otherwise in a way weilder perfers. However there is one dire consequences, if the weilder of energy bending isn't perfromed properly it can destroy him/her.(mentally or physically or both).So this technique can be risky for those who are faint hearted. The weilder's engery must be unbendable in order to bend other's energy, this mean the weilder must not be influenced by the others in terms anything, bascially saying that energy bender must have clear conscience, standpoint , confident and calm, e.g being buddhist, buddha is a very good example, though there were many sufferings that could have troubled him, but they didn't. This i…

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