My new fanon and Hiring editors

Hello this is avatarfan3803, first blog post. I am working on a new fanon, Avatar: The 4 Stones. I already made a summary for it. I will tell you right now.

It been a month since sozin comet, everything was alright for all 4 nation. It tell the story of Team Avatar, a weak waterbender from the north pole, Callidus, and the strong firebender who lost his memory, Fortis. Aang and Katara are dating, Sokka and Suki are dating too, Zuko and Mai are also dating. Toph is now travling the world to teach metalbending but also stays with her friends. One day, a boy wakes and finds himself in a middle of nowhere and he only remember his name, Fortis. He meets a boy named Callidus, he is a weak waterbender and was given to the great waterbender, Pakku after the war. His waterbending skill changed when he met Fortis. They decided to go travel to the fire nation so Callibus can relax with his only friend, Fortis. Then a couple days later, Fortis and Callibus were blamed that they attmped murdred Firelord Zuko and Iroh. Not only that, Azula is also hunting Fortis and Callibus because Fortis has a special ability that can guide Azula and her Dai Li agents to the 4 stones, once all stones connected, Azula will get ultimate powers and she will use it to destory Team Avatar. Will the fire nation arrest Fortis and Callibus before Azula unites all 4 stones? Will this be the end of Team Avatar? This story tells the perspective of Team Avatar, Fortis, and Callibus. Based on the fanon, Azula Mysterious Plan.

What do you think? Since this is my first fanon, I will need some help. I need some editors to help me during the fanon process.



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