My Contructive Criticism and Review for The Last Airbender

By: Leland Martin

I am a pretty big fan of the television series and it is one of the few series that I have seen all the episodes. I will detail detail 10 things wrong with The Last Airbender and how to fix it. Starting with the minute things that bugged me to problems that ruined the movie for me. SPOILERS INCLUDED

10 - The Underdevelopment of Appa and Momo

In the television series the characters Appa and Momo are useful and provide comedic relief. In the case of Appa his is very important to the second season's story. He even had his own episode really. You also see the close relationship between Aang and Appa.

Problem: Both these characters are rarely seen in the cameras focus at all. It don't even think Aang said more then two lines to Appa. The computer generated Appa looks aweful as well. Momo is never even seen again after the Southern Air Temple.

Solution: Include both characters in the movie more. Show the character development between the gang and Appa and Momo.

9 - 150 Million

That's how much this movie cost, 150 million dollars. My question is where did all that money go? Frankly, this movie looks cheap. It looks like a independentt film. Besides the Southern Water Tribe scene, which was filmed in Greenland, the rest was film in Reading, Pennsylvania. Where did the money go?! It wasn't spent on the effects, the actors, or the locations. Did Shyamalan must idle his twenty limos will taking a bath in his 12 karat gold bathtub?

8 - The Mispronunciation of Character Names

You might be wondering why this is so high on the list. Well, there are much more important things to be addressed.

Problem: People say "Oong", "SOka", "Eroh"

Solution: Just pronounce the names how they're supposed to, even if it does mess with continuinity between movies.

7 - No Revivalry Between Zhou and Zuko

Zhou was introduced early in the first season and was Zuko's main revival during the main season. Zhou was always trying to get the avatar before Zuko did.

Problem: The revivalry between Zuko and Zhou doesn't even seem present. Beside one scene where Zhou insults Zuko while having dinner there doesn't seem to be any revialry.

Soultion: No solution Zhou is already dead.

6 - What's Zuko doing the whole time?

In the series the whole first season Zuko is always trying to locate the avatar. He almost becomes like a detective like on Law and Order.

Problem: We have no idea what Zuko is doing during most of the movie, except for a few scenes. And in those few scenes is just talking. We never get the sense that he is getting close to the avatar and the movie loses and sense of urgency.

Solution: Unfixable.

5 - Are some characters missing?

During the first season the gang runs into numerous characters that usually make a return in future episodes. But two important characters, at least in my opinion, would be The Kyoshi Warriors and Jet. The Kyoshi Warriors appear many times later in the series Suki becomes a main character in the finale. The episode "Jet" was an exellent character development episode. Jet also appears later in Ba Sing Se and plays a huge role in discovering the Dai Li.

Problem: These characters are missing.

Solution: Introduce these characters in the second movie and develop them.

4 - Dissolution of Tension

Problem: They show the Fire Lord! He isn't even seen until the middle of the third season. This really created alot of tension around the character and when he was finally revealed he didn't dissapoint. But in this laughable movie they just show him and he isn't even threatening looking.

Solution: Don't show him until the third movie.

3 - Misrepresentation of Character Personality

All the characters are in the series have distinct personalities. Sokka is the useful comedic relief, Aang is the youth on a journey, Katara is the strong female that is kind of the mother of the group, and Zuko is the classic villian destined to chase the avatar forever.

Problem: The characters either have wrong personality or no personality at all. Sokka is very serious and boring, Aang is no funloving and bland, Katara is spewing exposition and bad dialogue, and Zuko is always over acting and pouting like a child. The lack of the personality is further worsened by bad writing bad acting.

Solution: Give some time to develop these characters and give them better material that fits their personality.

2 - What I like to "Failbending" or boring action sequences.

The action sequences in the series are awesome and some times breathtaking. There are wonderfully animated and choreographed. There are also quick and not overdone.

Problem: The action sequences are BORING! It seems like everything is slowed down. It looks like a turn based strategy game. On top of these boring action scenes is the fact that firebenders can't make fire and the volume needed to make them seem threatening. The over exageration of movement needed to bend some water is laughable. Everything that the series got right the movie got wrong.

Solution: Make the bender faster, more intense, less exagerated, and have fire benders make fire!

1 - No good actor could act this bad.

Problem: The main cast actors are absolutely terrible.

Solution: Fire all the main cast actors and replace them.

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