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    My Contructive Criticism and Review for The Last Airbender

    By: Leland Martin

    I am a pretty big fan of the television series and it is one of the few series that I have seen all the episodes. I will detail detail 10 things wrong with The Last Airbender and how to fix it. Starting with the minute things that bugged me to problems that ruined the movie for me. SPOILERS INCLUDED

    10 - The Underdevelopment of Appa and Momo

    In the television series the characters Appa and Momo are useful and provide comedic relief. In the case of Appa his is very important to the second season's story. He even had his own episode really. You also see the close relationship between Aang and Appa.

    Problem: Both these characters are rarely seen in the cameras focus at al…

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