Alright, so after everyone saw episode 7 "The Aftermath", we all know that Asami is evil. Now I'm not saying she is an equalist, but for some reason, I'm being extremely over-analytical of her character. If you read this I hope you go into this with an open mind. Don't be so quick to shoot down my suspicions, because they're not going away not matter what anyone says. I will list the pros and cons that I (personally) find with Asami Sato.


The nice things about Asami that would mean she is obviously good:

1) She is dating Mako, and obviously shares romanitic feelings with him, so she has no reason to hate benders.

2) She electrocuted her own father, so that would suggest that she is inherently good

3) There is a need for a non-bender protagonist, so Asami would fit that bill

4) She seems genuinely nice, and also seemed genuinely upset that her only family was part of something so monstrous.

___________________________________________________________________________________Things that make me suspicious of Asami:

1) When I was watching the seventh episode, during the driving scene, there are shots where she is getting really into the race. That would be normal for most people, however, she looks extremely vicious! Like she is getting a bit too into the race, and does something that could've hurt either the other race, or Korra and Asami.

2) When she was holding the glove in her hand, she looking extremely mean. Like it felt "right" to have that power in her hand.

3) When Asami demanded that Korra, Lin, and Tenzin leave the factory after finding nothing, she was very curt, and Lin seemed to have some of her own suspicions herself. Lin, being the chief of police and all, seems to have a pretty good judge of character (if you exclude Korra, that was more of a grudge against Tenzin appparently)

4) In other episodes, she has been animated to be expressionless, like in "Voice in the Night", when Korra announces her joining Tarrlok's task force, a majority of the room seems to have an expression, but Asami lacks emotions, some could interpret a slight smile on her face, but I'm not going there. Also in "And the Winner Is..." when Asami blows a kiss to Mako, she looks kind of creepy


Many are going to argue "what good does it do having Asami be a spy or something". Just because Hiroshi had incapcitated Korra, Tenzin and Lin, it is possible that Amon would still not be ready for them. Amon could still consider the showdown as "premature" so who knows what could happen.

If Asami was a secret agent for Amon (which I highly doubt she is), she would be prime intell for Amon, being in direct contact with the Avatar. Gaining their trust, no one would suspect her to do anything, but like I said she doesn't seem like a spy since she shocked her father. Unless she was a really really really good actress, and that was an impressive show.

I want to like Asami. I think her and Mako make a good couple, though I do hope Makorra (Koko) is canon, I'm completely okay with Masami (or Mami). There are just some little details that I can't help but notice about Asami that still leaves me to be suspicious.

I dare those who read this to watch at least the scenes I mentioned in "The Aftermath" and think something of that.

I would love comments and what not.

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