So we're all still recovering from the heart attack that was "When Extremes Meet" and I must say this is the greatest episode of the season so far. There hasn't been an episode that I haven't like, but this one is probably my favorite. The gut-wrenching action kept me at the edge of my seat the entire episode, and I was legitimately screaming at my television for the commercials to go away.

First I'm going to go into my favorite parts:

1. The airbender kids. Meelo being an adorable child hitting on Asami by asking her for her hair. And Ikki being her usual self was always a pleasure. The little mini back and forth between her and Bolin was ridiculous. I honestly thought Ikki had met her match with his questions, but no...and to think she counted all the trees on Air Temple Island. Ridonculous.

2. Korra's face when Ikki blurted "Did you know that Korra likes Mako." And then Ikki's face when Korra locked her out. Those little ainmations are what make me laugh.

3. Team Avatar is downright awesome, with their car and earthbending and firebending strengths, they make a kickass team. My personal favorite was Mako shooting the lightning at the cars and motorcycles and them breaking down, so epic.

4. Pabu licking the tears off Korra's face. 'Nuff said.

5.Chivalry is not dead, and Mako was so polite.

Now other things about the episode:

I knew Tarrlok was a douchebag from the moment I saw him. He sucks so bad, and now I hate him so much more than I did last episode...and he was only in the news reel! He is definitely pulling some Senator Palpatine nonsense, and now I have a hunch onto what his Jedi Mind Trick is. He can bloodbend without the full moon, which I must say is pretty impressive in itself, and I say someone post this on one of the pages, and I believe that Tarrlok is controlling the other council members with bloodbending just for his political agenda. He wouldn't bloodbend on Tenzin probably because it would be too predictable since Tenzin blatantly always diasgrees with Tarrlok's politics.

That fight between Korra and Tarrlok was the most impressive thing I've seen on Avatar. It may be my favorite battle sequence. This may also be the first time we see Korra use an element different than fire. Usually in fights she resorts to firebending, but today we saw her be more diverse with the elements at her disposal.

I love the flashbacks we get with Korra. Now I don't want her hurt, but these flashbacks are getting more and more urgent. We saw Toph, Sokka and Aang being manipulated (by what we can assume to be bloodbending) in the same room by a mysterious man who we can assume to be Yakone. It is possible that Tarrlok is related to Yakone and is trying to fulfill what he had tried to accomplish, by gaining absolute power (like the scumbag politician he is).

Now how that relates to Amon I'm not entirely sure. I haven't really postulated anything on the matter. All I know is that Tarrlok and Amon are enemies. It is possible that Amon is aware of Tarrlok's agenda and his ability to bloodbend, and he wants to rid the world of bending so that people like Tarrlok won't use their bending to become dictators.

Now I'm so upset that we don't have a preview to go off on, but instead a little blurb on what the episode might be about. Where will Korra be? What is going to happen next? Why do we have to wait a week for another heart breaking 30 minute show?

This episode was extremely mature, and surprisingly violent to be rated Y7, and is way too mature to be considered a kids show, but that's why I love it. I'm a 20 year old college student and that fact that I am currently obsessed with a cartoon is shocking, but so enthralling at the same time. I love life right now.

Please leave some comments so we can talk about how amazing this episode was. =)

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