I've never written a blog post before so cut me some slack.

So personally, I loved "The Spirit of Competition". I thought it was a light-hearted comedic episode that took our minds away from the darkness that has been brought upon by Amon. I enjoy romantic pairings and development within both Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. I will admit, I am a shipper, and in the original Avatar, I did prefer Zutara (despite how non-canon it was). In "The Spirit of Competition" I was so pleased to see romantic development between Korra and Mako, and Korra and Bolin.

As I write this, I'm rewatching (for like the eleventy-twelfth time) the episode, and noting so many elements that obviously have pissed a majority of the Legend of Korra fan base. First off, the eskimo kisses between Mako and Asami gave me the "oogies" and I made the exact same face as Korra did (no joke). We know that both Mako and Bolin have romantic feelings for Korra and this whole love penta-hexa-deca-whatever-gon develops. I was quite happy when Korra kissed Mako, and even happier when he kissed her back. But my heart broke just when Bolin's did...then I couldn't help but break down into hysterical laughter with the face he made and his run off screen.

On the comment pages of Mako, Korra, Asami and Bolin, I've seen so many people call Korra a "slut" or "Whorra" and I am appalled by the immaturity of the Avatar community. In my opinion, everything played out in a well-suited manner. Many argue that the episode was rushed, but understand that this series is short (I mean we're almost half-way through people!) and the characters of Legend of Korra are teenagers and more mature, and relationships seem to develop quicker. Korra has been locked in the White Lotus compound for the majority of her life, and most likely has not had any romantic experience. When she took Pema's advice to profess her feelings to Mako, she did, and was rejected at first, which allowed Bolin to rebound and then this whole mess unwraveled.

Korra and Bolin seemed to bond during their date, but I saw it more of a pal hang out rather than a date (from Korra's perspective) and yes Bolin saw it more as a date. Then Mako decided to intervene, and blatantly show he was jealous, and then he confesses he has feelings, but is confused. I believe Korra saw this as an opportunity to make a move, and she did, which I am proud of her for. And he kissed back, then Bolin saw and I'm repeating myself now...ANYHOO...people are conflicted with the fact that Korra is trying to ruin Mako and Asami's relationship.

I personally have no gripe with Asami (though I still have some weird unexplainable suspicion about her, but that may be me being weird). Korra isn't trying to break them up, I think she just wanted to make her feelings known, and since Mako reciprocated it seemed like a prime moment.

Korra is innocent. People seemed to be peeved with the fact that it was all about shipping. It wasn't. It was about the importance of teen relations, and also the importance of team dynamics and family, also emotional rational. Korra learned to not be so headstrong with her emotions, and we all need to stop being judgemental high schoolers.

I review this episode: 8/10 (I'm probably going to love every episode anyways)


- I thought Mako and Korra bickering in front of the Arena reminded me of Han Solo and Leia Organa arguing in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on Hoth

- I can't watch Bolin crying...I just start tearing with laughter. (I know I'm a terrible person, but i'm a ginger...therefore I have no soul lol)

I hope you enjoyed my first and probably poor attempt at a blog, but please comment =)

Avataress0 out

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