If anyone is interested in reading a Makorra fanfiction story, the link below will take you to my most recent story "Through Wide Open Eyes"

I used to write fanfiction, but I honestly have YET to finish a story (even though I started one years ago) pathetic...I know.

But this is the first story I actually finished, probably because it's so short. My really long one was poorly written (because I wrote it when I was 12) but I am re-writing it. I'll be bored over summer break so that will be edited and hopefully finished.

Enjoy my story. I'm going to try and figure out how to post it on the Avatar Wikia page so yeah....

Summary: After Amon had destroyed the Arena, Mako and Bolin come to live with Korra on Air Temple Island. Feelings are revealed, and Korra learns of Mako's true feelings. Makorra bit.

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