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  • Avataress0

    Asami Story

    June 10, 2012 by Avataress0

    Alright so after "Out of the Past" I felt pretty darn bad for Asami, even though I love the Makorra/Koko moments

    So I wrote a fanfiction called "Thoughts Like Poison"

    I hope whoever reads it enjoys it

    Also! Someone has yet to comment on the troll I put in the story, you have to look for it, but you will subconsciously be trolled by this story. Not because of the story itself, but there is something I did and I hope you find it.

    If not I will be willing to help you see how I tried to make Asami's situation a little more happy

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  • Avataress0

    So we're all still recovering from the heart attack that was "When Extremes Meet" and I must say this is the greatest episode of the season so far. There hasn't been an episode that I haven't like, but this one is probably my favorite. The gut-wrenching action kept me at the edge of my seat the entire episode, and I was legitimately screaming at my television for the commercials to go away.

    First I'm going to go into my favorite parts:

    1. The airbender kids. Meelo being an adorable child hitting on Asami by asking her for her hair. And Ikki being her usual self was always a pleasure. The little mini back and forth between her and Bolin was ridiculous. I honestly thought Ikki had met her match with his questions, but no...and to think she cou…

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  • Avataress0

    Hey everyone! So I am in the progress of writing a new story called "Revenge of the Full Moon"

    It features Korra and Tahno and currently has 4 chapters. It is still an in-progress story, but I hope whoever sees this blog post will take the time to read my story. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!


    Summary: Korra and Tahno have been spending a lot of time together, and have become close friends. When he invites he to travel with him to the North Pole. What happens to Korra at the North Pole could change her life forever.

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  • Avataress0

    Trusting Asami

    May 23, 2012 by Avataress0

    Alright, so after everyone saw episode 7 "The Aftermath", we all know that Asami is evil. Now I'm not saying she is an equalist, but for some reason, I'm being extremely over-analytical of her character. If you read this I hope you go into this with an open mind. Don't be so quick to shoot down my suspicions, because they're not going away not matter what anyone says. I will list the pros and cons that I (personally) find with Asami Sato.


    The nice things about Asami that would mean she is obviously good:

    1) She is dating Mako, and obviously shares romanitic feelings with him, so she has no reason to hate benders.

    2) She electrocuted her own father, so that w…

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  • Avataress0

    More Fanfiction =)

    May 23, 2012 by Avataress0

    I've gotten back into my old swing of things, where I am on a fanfiction writing spree. Here is another link to a story I've written. It's titled "Into Her Mind." It's just a little nonsense right after the events of "The Aftermath" mostly from Korra's perspective. Some Makorra, some Masami, mainly just Korra's thoughts on the world.

    Enjoy friends =)

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