• Avatard242

    Ok, I'm new to joining Wikia (but I've been surfing the site for some time now) and don't exactly know how this works, but I saw this blogs bit and wanted a place to discuss this. I don't know if another blogpost has been made about this but here goes:

    Yesterday [or the day before], I read on Twitter that the Avatar makers had signed a contract with Nickolodeon for a new TV Series called 'Avatar: The Legend of Korra'. As far as I'm aware, nothing else has been released/revealed.

    I'm just really curious as to what this is about. If anyone knows anything or can speculate on what this new series might entail, comment about it and people can discuss it! =D

    • Will the original characters be it?
    • Korra? Sounds watertribe, perhaps. What do you think thiā€¦
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