Have you ever tought about a new bending art, what would be awesome? Well, I have, so I am sharing the ideas with you.


Stormbending is an element, what has powers of every element. It's like every element mixed. The main theme is making a storm. But stormbenders can even create eartquakes, tornados, lightning, rain, snow, hail, fog and other things. It's like weatherbending, but more powerful. Though, they only use lightning generation, redirection and lightning controlling. The stormbenders are very talented, because every stormbender can at least redirect lightning, but only Fire Nation royal fmily could do that with firebending.

The Stormbending is an unique element, because it can do some things, what the original elements can't. Stormbenders can create water. Waterbenders can only control them. Making an earthquake doesn't need being in a contact with earth. Earthbenders need to have contact. They can levitate. But not very high. Airbenders can't. And lastly, they can generate and redirect lightning. Most firebenders can't. Few stormbenders can even control it.


Yes, I know, this element is too strong, but it has many weaknesses.

  • Stormbending is useless indoors. It needs free air to generate enough power. Though, it can be used, it the room has open ceiling or open windows or something like that.
  • It can't be used during eclipses. Both eclipses, lunar and solar eclipse would make the power weaker.
  • Lack of confidence. Stormbending is the element of confidence and if a bender doesn't have it enough, stormbending will not be able.

Storm is the element of confidence

I tought a long about it. But now, I just wrote the last weakness and now I know it. If stormbending would've been an original element os the series, Iroh would've said, it's the element of confidence.

Additional information

I don't like LoK very much, so I put nothing about it on that page.

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