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    These photo's are awesome to look at.

    Potentially they could be useful for any aspiring Korra nation artists out there! All the best, hope you enjoy and best of luck to anyone wanting to design/draw some avatar art :)


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    Hi all,

    Been looking for this everywhere (possible release dates/ideas for it to be released or any information on it whatsoever), but sadly i cannot find any info on the possible release date for ATLA to New Zealand or itune stores.

    As it stands, it is only sold in the USA itunes store. Which makes no sense to me, as it was a pretty big show in both NZL and AUS.

    Would love to have it on my laptop as a perminant fixture, but as it stands it just isn't available to me.

    Anyone heard of the possibilities of it coming to NZ/AUS stores?


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    What do we know about energy bending and does it play a role in the new Avatar, Legend of Korra?

    My theory is yes, it does. Some peole say Amon has developed his own technique to take away bending perminatly, but i do not believe this is the case at all. I believe Amon has somehow stumbled upon away on how to energy bend. As stated in the Avatar history books, energy bending was once the only form of bending available to all humans. Furthermore, it was before the time of the Avatar, hence why it has become an almost forgotten art (The Lion Turtle was the last to know of its power and used his energy bending to pass on his knowledge of energy bending to Aang). When bending of the elements was discovered is when the Avatar arose, we know this…

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