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    All right. Here's the next character I'm ranting about. My complaints are...

    Okay. He didn't come off as wise as he was in the series in the movie... I mean, he's a smart wise old man.

    Now. the actor was good and all... but... If he was 50 pounds fatter and maybe 5 years older, I would have seen a true Iroh in him.

    Continuing on the first complaint, He gives an AVATAR TEST?! I mean, I KNOW he is smart enough to realize at first sight that Aang is the last airbender and the avatar. I mean, it sorta happened in the series. even Zuko knew.

    And here is my question for the end of this rant.

    Tell me what you think Iroh would have done in the series in the scene of where Zhao said to Iroh before the invasion, when discussing the 600 day siege of Ba Sing…

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  • Avatar Zaelana

    All rught, Let me just say.

    Why was Suki and the rest of the Kyoshi warriors cut out of the movie? I mean, I know that M. Night was making it "Revolve" around them, but still. I am not a fan of Suki herself, but it would have been interesting to know a bit more of what M. Night would have made her and all.

    Another reason why I think this is because... He might have made her less dramatic, And I'm pretty sure he might have made Sokka and Suki an even better coupling. So... How will he fit Suki and the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors into the second movie correctly? I mean, since Suki was sort of important in the first season of the Series, although not shown for long... Still. It's just messed up in my head.

    Comment on your opinion of this, And ho…

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