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aka Toph

  • I live in The Earth Kingdom;Gaoling
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is being a great, no, an AWESOME earthbender
  • I am a tomboyish girl
  • Avatar Toph

    Hi,Benders.I'm new,and I'm loving the wikia.Recently,my older blog post got deleted,so I'm starting a new one.When I posted some questions on my wall profile.AvatarRokusGhost and Chakrasandwich answered my question.After a bit of reading up on the elements and benders,I started looking at other people's blog posts.I love what I'm learning about Avatar each day,and it helps increase my knowledge.I posted one of my opinions on my wall to AvatarRokusGhost,and I started looking at the activities.Chakrasandwhich and AvatarRokusGhost,thanks for the help.(I needed it.) I now know the rules and loops around here at the avatar wikia.I visit this site EVERYDAY.I love it.I'll constantly be posting opinions,questions,suggestions,and activities on my w…

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