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September 4, 2010
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    Chapter 1: Kya's POV

    September 4, 2010 by Avatar Seven


    My best friend isn't normal... I'm going to find out what he is....

    I awoke to the sound of my best friend talking softly, I was on the edge of my awesome, dark purple couch. "Kya... Wake up, Kya," he said while gently shaking me. "No, Kuzon... Let me sleep..." I said groggily. "Come on sis." My big brother, Tyson said, with an annoyed tone. "Fine! I'm up!" I growled, cranky. "Someone isn't happy." Tyson commented.

    "Shut up, big bro." I hissed , and got up. I stretched, then went to the bathroom, yawning as I closed the door, and locked it. I turned the middle knob in the bathtub, then turned the right knob to make the water hot. I undressed fast, since it's cold in my house. I got in the tub, the water hitting my back.

    I sighed, pleased tha…

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