Official Shipping of Avatar Wiki

I'm not really a big fan of shipping, and I had never even heard of it before coming to this wiki. However, I like to just follow the canon shippings. Now for all of you Zutara fans, I respect your ideas. Although I prefer Kataang, I couldn't help but feel as I watched the show that Zutara was a little more realistic.

However, my beliefs aside, the real purpose of this blog is to discuss the beliefs of Avatar Wiki. It has come to my attention that Avatar Wiki strongly supports Kataang. So you Zutara supporters can leave right now (just kidding) because the rest of the Wiki is against you.

Despite the site's determination to remain unbiased, I've found many templates that are more biased than most fanon on here. I'm sure you recognize these, but look closely at what they actually say.

60px And this is Katara, my flying sister.

This article is considered Zutara-ish and should not be treated too seriously.

60px I am a 400 foot tall purple Platypus Bear with pink horns and silver wings.

The Zutara shipping is not considered canon.

Tracking Appa You two head in that direction. I’ll follow this trail.

Due to Zutara's extremely uncanon existence, it is set to be split into separate characters, in no relationship whatsoever.

Ozai Zutara does not deserve to exist in this world, in my world.

This shipping is a candidate for speedy deletion.

Conjecture Well, that's not his name... but...

The shipping "Zutara" has not been confirmed by official sources, and it never will be, so get over it.

If this doesn't make it clear as to what shippings are right and wrong, I don't know what does.


60px And this is Katara, my flying sister.

This blog is considered a joke and should not be treated too seriously.

This blog is not meant to offend anyone.

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