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March 1, 2011
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    And by that, I mean that I'm continuing to grow my fanon, Avatar: Centennial Embers. That's right! After a far too long absence, I have finished and posted the seventh chapter of my fanon, entitled Reunion as of several days ago.

    This chapter steps back from the main plot for a little while (I know, not the best way to start again, but hey, I've had this planned for a while now) and goes back to check on the turmoil in Ba Sing Se. And despite the lack of focus on Team Avatar, friendly faces won't be hard to come by.

    So, for those of you that read my fanon, and for those of you who don't but know you should, the wait is over. Now that I've gotten back on track, I should be publishing chapters every few weeks again. As the embers continue…

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    Well, I guess I'm doing things a little out of order, but oh well.

    So, right now I'm actually ending a period of inactivity. For the past two weeks, I unexpectedly had no access to a computer and wasn't able to do anything for the wiki. I knew my computer time was going to be limited, but I had no idea as to the extent.

    So, for anyone that noticed, this explains why I wasn't here at all for the last couple weeks. However, I can happily say I'm back and should be on the wiki consistently again. But coming back from my absence, I noticed many new things going on. So I have a request.

    To everyone on the wiki, I would greatly appreciate it if you would update me on what I missed. The list of recent blog posts is endless, so please comment and…

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    For those of you who read my fanon, Avatar: Centennial Embers, or for those that don't, I have a couple of announcements to make.

    The first announcement is just to inform everyone that I've published six chapters, so if anyone isn't caught up, you can find the latest chapter here.

    The second announcement is that I have started to work on location pages for my fanon. Starting now, I will be trying to create names and histories for most of the locations Team Avatar visits. Some of this information will relate to the story, and some of it will just be random info that I make up for fun. I'm hoping to make these pages good quality, though, so please check them out and tell me what you think.

    The first page I've made is Xin Lu, the first villag…

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    I'm not really a big fan of shipping, and I had never even heard of it before coming to this wiki. However, I like to just follow the canon shippings. Now for all of you Zutara fans, I respect your ideas. Although I prefer Kataang, I couldn't help but feel as I watched the show that Zutara was a little more realistic.

    However, my beliefs aside, the real purpose of this blog is to discuss the beliefs of Avatar Wiki. It has come to my attention that Avatar Wiki strongly supports Kataang. So you Zutara supporters can leave right now (just kidding) because the rest of the Wiki is against you.

    Despite the site's determination to remain unbiased, I've found many templates that are more biased than most fanon on here. I'm sure you recognize t…

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    To help promote my fanon, Avatar: Centennial Embers, I figured that I should announce its first semi-major milestone. With the first four chapters out now, all of the beginnings of each of the plotlines in the first book have been introduced.

    Where is the Earth King? What is the future of Ba Sing Se? How will Zuko and Mai's side journey turn out? And what are Fire Nation soldiers doing in the Earth Kingdom?

    With all of these questions brought up, the rest of the story can unfold. I hope everyone takes a look. Please leave comments here or on the fanon pages. Tell me what you like, and what you don't. Thanks for reading!

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