• Avatar Kanan

    A New Avatar

    February 5, 2015 by Avatar Kanan

    Ok. I just want to get it out there and say that I love the Avatar series. I have watch every episode from the last airbender to the legend of korra. I really think it is said that there won't be another Avatar any time so and perhaps never. Nick gave up on Legend of Korra after the 2nd season and aired the final epiosdes out of respect of the franchise. So, I had a thought of statrting to write a new edition to the Avatar series and i would love some feed back on how the story should go. I am going to follow the lore the best that I can, but I am not an expert when it comes to the lore. This is what I have as an idea so far. The Avatar's name is Kanan. I haven't decided where he lives; i was thinking Republic city ,but I think that would …

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